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Phantom of the Opera

Great intro to a great ESPN feature on ’30 for 30′. A must watch doco if you love Reggie as much as I do. Or if you love/hate Ewing’s Knicks. Or if you love reminiscing about 90’s hoops. Or if you are simply in need of filling the NBA void in your life, thanks to the stupid lockout.


Wes Anderson Art

Revisiting some of the amazing artwork from the Bad Dads show last year. There was such a great collection, all dedicated to the one-and-only Wes Anderson and his inspiring work. This stuff always excites me. But why didn’t we get the call-up?

There is a whole lot more. See the rest of the collection at MonsterFresh.

Space is big

I’ve been watching a few astronomy docos recently. Had to share this…

Dear Photograph

Dear Dear Photograph,
This stuff is great! I will be submitting soon. Just need to go through some old albums.


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Movie posters can look good too

It’s strange, but movie posters these days almost always seem so glossy, bling or drab. I still have some hope that one day there will be an emphasis placed on well-designed posters. I mean despite being the most vital piece of its eventual marketing puzzle, the designing of the printed collateral is a relatively easy part of the overall film production right? Below is a bunch of really good examples of how it should be done, originally compiled by Adrian Curry on Mubi.

New Expansion Team

It’s a proud day for BuzzerBeater League as the commissioner has announced the induction of a new expansion team – Tha Dogg Pound. The team has yet to play a single game and already there is much hype surrounding this new and exciting franchise. Fans are lining up at the box office in order to obtain season tickets, media outlets are scrambling for interesting stories on the squad, and TV stations are fighting for broadcasting rights.

With general manager Nate Dawg at the helm the future looks bright for Tha Dogg Pound. Their journey to become the best team in BuzzerBeater starts now!

Lee Jake Mariano

Shoutout to friend and talented photographer Lee Jake Mariano. Here are a few of my recent favourites from his Photo Journal.   Continue reading