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New Expansion Team

It’s a proud day for BuzzerBeater League as the commissioner has announced the induction of a new expansion team – Tha Dogg Pound. The team has yet to play a single game and already there is much hype surrounding this new and exciting franchise. Fans are lining up at the box office in order to obtain season tickets, media outlets are scrambling for interesting stories on the squad, and TV stations are fighting for broadcasting rights.

With general manager Nate Dawg at the helm the future looks bright for Tha Dogg Pound. Their journey to become the best team in BuzzerBeater starts now!


Fantasy Basketball 09-10

The NBA Fantasy Basketball season is upon us and we had our live draft on the weekend. It was a super nerdy way for 20 grown men to spend a Sunday afternoon. Unlike most fantasy sports enthusiasts, we aren’t closet players. We play year in, year out, mostly unashamedly. It is the natural progression for any hoops fanatic who realises that the dream of one day becoming a professional player in the NBA is slowly fading and must to look to alternative basketball-themed successes instead. It is also a positive outlet for all of the invested time spent following results, boxscores, news, articles and the many soap operas of the basketball world that would otherwise be redundant.

The Good Life Fantasy League is a yearly competition where friends and colleagues/clients of The Good Life who share similar basketball passion are invited to flex their basketball knowledge and team management saavy. The season ends with an eventual champion who is awarded the title and handsome prize money. We have been playing through the dynamic ESPN interface for our third year straight. It comes highly recommended and it is completely free to setup your own custom league. Ante’s and my draft results below.

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