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The pen makes the illustrator

Check out the crazy video ad over at Behance.


The New Yorker App

My hero, Jason Schwartzman, convinces me that I need to add this app to my inventory. I already do love The New Yorker (just about entirely for the illustrations) but I can say that I now love it even more. On the Schwartzman front though, I can’t wait for Moonrise Kingdom!

QVB’s Magical Advertising


The ‘The Magic Lives On’ campaign for the Queen Victoria Building is well under way around Sydney CBD and I’m not sure to what extent the general public have taken notice, but I am a really big fan. PDC Creative are the agency that developed the marketing campaign which I feel is exceptional. Credit when credit is due, and you can always count on us design nerds to appreciate these kinds of little things (plus the fact that I’m a a follower of the renovators, Ipoh, who are named after the little Malaysian city where my dad is from).

From a visual standpoint the photography, styling, typography and design is beautiful. It’s impossible to fault.

But aside from the execution, the whole concept and timing for the campaign is brilliant. For the longest time I have felt that the QVB was an unappreciated, underrated, underused and misunderstood shopping destination. It has not been much more than a bus stop, a meeting spot (near the fountain) or a thoroughfare from Town Hall Station to the commercial centre of Sydney over the years. And because of the redevelopment of Pitt Street Mall coupled with the ‘financial crisis’, the majority of Sydney’s mainstream shoppers are left without a natural go-to-move. It’s about time the QVB took the throne as Sydney’s shopping mecca. It’s got the perfect locality, infrastructure, beautiful architecture, easily-recognised brand, ties to prestige and undeniable charm. It already houses all the big brands, although at the moment it feels more like their spaces are more of a status thing or a mere billboard for George St and York St traffic.

When taking all this into account the finished artwork for the campaign is marked with an A++. It visually communicates all of the messages that the QVB needed to pronounce. The bridge between historical elegance and contemporary classic is made with a dream-like approach. The communication is very strong, yet without the usual clutter and ‘dumb-down’ ellaborations. And above all, everything has been done with a whisper.

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“We should be in charge!”

The truth will soon be revealed! It’s true, The Good Life has some deep dark secrets (in a good way).

This documentary that tells all is Art & Copy. A film by Doug Pray. Can’t wait. The general public will soon pick up on the ‘psychologicals’ that we employ.

Hyperize campaign


Advertising campaign for Nike’s Hyperdunk 2.0 model (nicknamed the ‘Hyperize). Features Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Rashard Lewis and Mo Williams. The website lives here.

Maccas billboard, Denmark


By DDB in Denmark.

Cyber-shot Ad

Another cool advertising campaign for Sony Cyber-shot marine pack.


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