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The pen makes the illustrator

Check out the crazy video ad over at Behance.


Wes Anderson Art

Revisiting some of the amazing artwork from the Bad Dads show last year. There was such a great collection, all dedicated to the one-and-only Wes Anderson and his inspiring work. This stuff always excites me. But why didn’t we get the call-up?

There is a whole lot more. See the rest of the collection at MonsterFresh.

Movie posters can look good too

It’s strange, but movie posters these days almost always seem so glossy, bling or drab. I still have some hope that one day there will be an emphasis placed on well-designed posters. I mean despite being the most vital piece of its eventual marketing puzzle, the designing of the printed collateral is a relatively easy part of the overall film production right? Below is a bunch of really good examples of how it should be done, originally compiled by Adrian Curry on Mubi.

Bonjour Ninna

My sis has been keeping herself busy over in Chi-City. In particular, I absolutely love this piece she produced for a recent exhibition in Chicago. I think it’s perfect! Frankie Mag loves her crochet French telephone tooContinue reading

Tennis Inspiration

Knowing that this sleeve existed is the halfway point of creating the raddest cover artwork of the modern world. It’s a great cover of a great cover, or something like that. Via Gorilla vs Bear.

Swatch Making

After a whole day of elbow grease we now have our watercolour swatch library at our disposal. No more need for last-minute texture creation during those illustration jobs that always seem to come with impossibly tight deadlines.

That is… after a whole lot of scanning to come. With the amazing effects created, it’s all worth it in the end. Thanks for the help Ellie!

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Memoires on the go

It’s time for me to unwrap and start using my favourite notepad, bought a couple of months ago from a Tampere bookstore. The concept is for it to be treated with little respect and deteriorate in style. The tattered edges have been printed on to the soft cover, but can only look better with the introduction of real creases and folds. Can I bring myself to recklessly scribble inside and throw it around? We’ll see…
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