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Minute-taker for meetings

I had to buy something from the gift shop while I was at the MCA yesterday. This VHS note book adds some old school flair for those client briefings.  Continue reading


Cheap Lens Awesomeness

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II for $127!
Some of our resulting captures to be posted next week.

Swatch Making

After a whole day of elbow grease we now have our watercolour swatch library at our disposal. No more need for last-minute texture creation during those illustration jobs that always seem to come with impossibly tight deadlines.

That is… after a whole lot of scanning to come. With the amazing effects created, it’s all worth it in the end. Thanks for the help Ellie!

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Auction Draft

My Steve Nash Graphic

Above: An editorial illustration we did for Handle Mag. It was a Skybox 92 basketball card inspired artwork of Steve Nash.

Yesterday I had my first live draft of the year for fantasy basketball. This one was a 12-team Auction Draft. Auction is my favourite type of fantasy draft because it demands more than the common mindless plucking of the next best player available on the board. There is no sight of autodrafting. It requires more strategy by allowing you the uncommon possibility of purchasing a handful of top-tier players. You need sharper awareness of team depth charts, player values (here in a very literal sense) and player skill sets. It also is a true test of your overall NBA nerdiness. There is plenty of drama, hustling and one-on-one bidding wars. Great fun for the ultimate basketball geek.

During this particular auction I went in early and hard to sure up my dominance in the scarcest categories of assists, FG% and FT%. You will see from my roster below that I was able to assemble a team that would be IMPOSSIBLE to draft in any other format. If you are going to play fantasy basketball this season please choose Auction Draft!
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New Footage Shirts

Pop into Footage to check out their brand new line of shirts. While photographing these shirts in our studio the other week, we got to have a real close look. Our verdict – On point!

The little collars are very nice and the hits of contrast colour on the accent buttons and button-holes work well. My favourite detail is the hidden collar button-downs. The collection after the jump. Continue reading

Minute To Win It

Our pal Maria Bayan will be at the centre of the TV gameshow universe tonight as she attempts to win 1 million bucks. Minute To Win It airs at 7:30pm on Channel 7. We will be in the audience so look out for the freaks cheering on in support.

Above is the business cards we created for Maria last year. For the past couple of years she has honed her skills as a massage therapist and can boost her small business further into success if she can win some prizemoney tonight. Good luck Maz!


We are currently rolling out some new visual identity for Zigolini’s. Go and try their divine Seafood Risotto or Antipasto Platter and tell them we sent you.

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