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I have too many shoes. Because of this I have decided to stop buying sneakers. The last purchase was the above ‘staple’ back in April. In ode of being more responsible with my play money, this documentary will force me to actually wear the collection I have accidentally amassed. I have always claimed to only buy to wear, and NOT to collect and keep box-fresh. For as long as I can keep going, I will wear a different pair daily and post it here on our blog. New day, new pair of shoes. I think 2 months is achievable. The challenge starts today.

SHOESTODAY (continued) ~ Day 29

Asics Pro Court 
Mita, Tokyo 2004

An oldie but a goodie. This is a cool retro of a really really really old and forgotten Asics model. It has got the suede toe and heel, all the nice insoles and padding, and a super durable chunky outsole (heavy as concrete). It was probably a mammoth waste of time for Asics to bring the Pro Court back to life, as I found it on sale for a measly 700 yen. It obviously didn’t do anything for the retailer or its customers. Continue reading


SHOESTODAY (continued) ~ Day 28

Adidas Micropacer III (Marine Pearlescent)
Adidas Factory, Sydney 2002

Beat-up rain shoes. Been to hell and back, but still love the removable pink microprocessor. Continue reading



Vans Authentic (black/black)
Footage, Sydney 2007

The humble Authentic. Unbeatable with it’s super clean silhouette. I think everyone is finally starting to realize that the slip-on was a bad idea and are coming around to the Era and Authentic.

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Nike Air Trainer 1 ‘Shima Shima’
Nike Factory, Sydney 2003

‘Shima shima’ means ‘stripes stripe’ in Japanese. Noticeably worn-in but still a favourite  (I knew I shouldn’t have used them for ball). The Air Max 1 was also featured in the Shima Shima set.

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Nike Air Max BW (black/gold)
Nike Factory, Sydney 2002

Black and gold! But better yet, the best thing about these were it’s waterproofness, finished in some sort of waxed poly-canvas material. Everybody needs rain shoes. Not a classic BW colourway but makes up for it being tough as hell.

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Nike Oregon (cyan/silver)
Nike Factory, Sydney 1998

An oldie but a goodie. The cyan suede has faded a lot. The Ozzie sun can be harsh! These used to be super bright cyan goodness, eons ago. Lots of pics after the jump…

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Converse Chuck Taylor High (white)
Foot Locker, Sydney 1996

Thirteen-or-so-years-old and still being worn. Proof that the humble Chuck is timeless and veratile. A rare example where ‘the grungier, the better’.

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