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A New Accordion

Via Stones Throw


More Scwartz

An episode of ‘What’s In My Bag‘ from last year featuring Jason Schwartzman.

Free Tennis Lessons

Because it’s Friday and I feel good I’m sharing some of my best Tennis tips. Download ‘Baltimore’ and ‘Marathon’ at Stereogum.

Tennis Inspiration

Knowing that this sleeve existed is the halfway point of creating the raddest cover artwork of the modern world. It’s a great cover of a great cover, or something like that. Via Gorilla vs Bear.

On Heavy Rotation at The Good Life

Artist: Tennis
Album: (Cape Dory)
Year: Forthcoming
Our pick: ‘Take Me Somewhere’
Cover Art: 6/5. Cover of the century.

I couldn’t wait. Been listening to everything Tennis I can get my hands on. I am anticipating a 5-star album. Denver domination in 2011.

Another EP?

Awesome. More shoegaze goodness, and only a couple of months after hitting us with ‘Clinging to a Scheme’. Thank you guys!

I <3 U SO

Hooo. I love you so. But why I love you I’ll never know.

Great viral concept. Download the app here and spread the love. I’ve always enjoyed the way Cassius have gone about things even though I haven’t really been a fan of their music. The French have an unquestionable flair. And after many many years, their logo is still stylish.