Nike Air Trainer 1 ‘Shima Shima’
Nike Factory, Sydney 2003

‘Shima shima’ means ‘stripes stripe’ in Japanese. Noticeably worn-in but still a favourite  (I knew I shouldn’t have used them for ball). The Air Max 1 was also featured in the Shima Shima set.

There was also a brown variation and can be viewed here. This is more exemplary of the Shima Shima beauty.




ShoesToday? Why?
I have too many shoes. Because of this I have decided to stop buying sneakers. The last purchase was black ’staple’ shoes back in April. In ode of being more responsible with my play money, this documentary will force me to actually wear the collection I have accidentally amassed. I have always claimed to only buy to wear, and NOT to collect and keep box-fresh. For as long as I can keep going, I will wear a different pair daily and post it here on our blog. New day, new pair of shoes. I think 2 months is achievable. The challenge started on July 3.

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