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Belated Happy Easter

I’m finally getting around to introducing you to the greatest easter eggs EVER! The Fazer Mignons are chocolate eggs specially available during the Easter season. I brought heaps back from my recent Finland trip. These are real egg shells (therefore inedible) that you have to break. It’s also packed in a real 4-pack egg carton. I cracked a couple over the past Easter break, gave some as gifts and now have only 2 left. I had to share this before they are all gone.

Real egg!

Crack the shell.

Break off the shell.

Discover a solid chocolate egg.

And enjoy the sweetest, most decadent Fazer experience.

Thanks Ellie, for kindly demonstrating for the camera and letting me have first bite.



Some photos from my Finland trip…

Above: One of Finland’s 200,000 frozen lakes. (Click to enlarge images)

Tampere’s beautiful City Hall, with a temporary lemon sculpture fixed over the glass dome, likening a lemon squeezer. Inspirational art and design in this Nordic city.

View from the top of the tower.

View from my bedroom.

A gigantic lake which I (along with a dozen other Finns) walked across.

The cruel Finnish winter. I was lucky enough to enjoy the biggest snowfall in 20 years!

Knee-deep in front of the basketball stadium.

Some faces from Tokyo


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Goodies from Tokyo #1


Some ridiculously cool JR Rail stickers. Purchased in ode of our frequenting of the Yamanote Line. We also grabbed a cool JR towel, sign and a particularly special keychain that plays the unique melody for Shibuya station.