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Wes Anderson Art

Revisiting some of the amazing artwork from the Bad Dads show last year. There was such a great collection, all dedicated to the one-and-only Wes Anderson and his inspiring work. This stuff always excites me. But why didn’t we get the call-up?

There is a whole lot more. See the rest of the collection at MonsterFresh.


“Beagles love blueberries”

Fantastic Mr Fox is an instant classic. Forget 3D. Forget glassy Pixar. What u want is more of this “cussing” stuff!

Created in stop-motion and in a style more reminiscent of taxidermy (love that stuff, along with medical illustrations). Add that with detailed costuming and accessories and you have a super nerdy feast for the eyes. At times I didn’t know where to point my attention, there was a plethora of detail and beautiful things. A good example was a particular action scene where one of the villains was attacking Mr Fox, but during the mayhem I was lucky enough to spot a Casio Databank on his left wrist.

Some of the things that I loved in a list format:
The Wes Anderson-ness, the old-school-ness, the genuine craftsmanship, the mind-blowing detail, the imperfect stop-motion animation, the taxidermy work, the home-made-ness, the intricate costumes, Cloony’s leisure shirt and corduroy suit, Streep’s apple-print get-up, Streep’s fox brooch, Schwartzman’s cape and modified tube sock, the little badger’s skeleton outfit, the rat’s stripy sweater with custom-stitched security badge, the bandit hats, the foxtail tie, the watches, the clip-on Walk Sonic, the Gazette, the local train, the “cussing”, the signage, the post-it notes on the walls, the olden English furniture, the Cuss throw-up, the beagle file, the cider bottles, the yellow and red checkered bike, Streep’s painting of the entire town, the Wes-Anderson-style yellow documentary typography, the Life Aquatic-esque cross-section sets, the tree house, all of the miniature sets and backgrounds, all of the characters, all of the cast, all of the watches, the excellent soundtrack (once again) and the fact that the sound recording was done outdoors.

Wes Anderson actually insisted that the voice overs were not to be recorded in a sound-controlled studio, but rather he rented a country barn house and recorded it all there with cast members face-to-face and in action.

Great movie. Great everything.

Wes Anderson never seems to disappoint me.