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Wes Anderson Art

Revisiting some of the amazing artwork from the Bad Dads show last year. There was such a great collection, all dedicated to the one-and-only Wes Anderson and his inspiring work. This stuff always excites me. But why didn’t we get the call-up?

There is a whole lot more. See the rest of the collection at MonsterFresh.


Time to get drawing again

Ingo Giezendanner for Nieves Huge Supplement. I’m inspired.

World Basketball Festival

Really good illustration done for the World Basketball Festival. The entire collection of caricatures after the jump. Continue reading

Modern Mens’ Fashions. Illustrated.

Great monochrome illustrations. I’m inspired to pull out my dusty graphites.

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Modern Shakespeare

Since we are on the Paul Smith theme, I wanted to take a look back at last year’s limited edition T-Shirt series that revolves around Shakespeare characters Yorick, Oberon and Mercutio, all in modern day clothing. Beautiful illustrations screened on expensive white tees which were most probably quite good too.


Vampirella version of Duran Duran’s Rio sleeve art.

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Purple Rain

Another one from Teen Titans. Prince vs Batgirl. I love this one even more!

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