New Expansion Team

It’s a proud day for BuzzerBeater League as the commissioner has announced the induction of a new expansion team – Tha Dogg Pound. The team has yet to play a single game and already there is much hype surrounding this new and exciting franchise. Fans are lining up at the box office in order to obtain season tickets, media outlets are scrambling for interesting stories on the squad, and TV stations are fighting for broadcasting rights.

With general manager Nate Dawg at the helm the future looks bright for Tha Dogg Pound. Their journey to become the best team in BuzzerBeater starts now!


Lee Jake Mariano

Shoutout to friend and talented photographer Lee Jake Mariano. Here are a few of my recent favourites from his Photo Journal.   Continue reading

A New Accordion

Via Stones Throw

Bonjour Ninna

My sis has been keeping herself busy over in Chi-City. In particular, I absolutely love this piece she produced for a recent exhibition in Chicago. I think it’s perfect! Frankie Mag loves her crochet French telephone tooContinue reading

Shopping time

It’s Sale Season. Get your credit card out. Go to the Kitsune webstore.

The Cookie Boy

Some inspirational work from Cookieboy. I’m going to try my hand at edible art this weekend.

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Green Offseason

A 1-4 defeat at the hands of Miami in the Eastern Conference Semifinal is extremely disappointing. Oh well, another season falling short of the ring. In a see-saw season for the Boston Celtics, our hopes began with “We are the most underrated championship contender ever in history”, then softened to “We are still looking ok, we have a chance”, then to “We can still turn it on when we need to, we have the Big 4”, to “We’re not doing very well at the moment but we have the heart of a champion”, to “Shaq is going to dominate when he returns, he’s going to turn this around”, to “We are too proud to go out like this, we just have to win 3 in a row”, to “Years of misery is forthcoming”.

Maybe not. Maybe we can still keep our core. There are some glaring holes that need to be filled, but if Doc returns we can put a great squad through a full training camp and be ready to contend for the title in a lockout-shortened season which will favour the old legs of our favourite OG Big 3.

Purely for dreaming purposes, we have compiled our 2011-2012 Celtic offseason wish-list…  Continue reading