My Fantasy Basketball Finals

Thousands of fantasy basketball finals are being played all over the world this week and 9 of them have one of my teams. This season 9 out of my 10 ESPN teams are challenging for championships. Here are a few of them…
Bella Vista Trending Upwards
20-team 9-cat H2H 3-year 4-keeper Live Draft Dynasty League
This team has been a long-term project, owning this team since 2008. Slowly over time my team was built to contend for this (the 3rd and final) year’s championship. This is a very deep league of 20 friends who truly live fantasy basketball and come to compete every single day. A 20-team league means the only value you can get from the free agency pool is someone like a Joel Anthony, meaning “who?”, meaning you can’t pick up any real value. Because of the high degree of difficulty in this particular league, it is extremely satisfying to be in the finals. My franchise player is Steve Nash, who is the last surviving name from the original draft. I want to take this opportunity to thank Stevsie for the many years of loyal service. Let’s go win it all!
Team Mondays
10-team 8-cat H2H Auction League
view roster
My favourite team, mainly because it was practically on autopilot all year. Swingman city! I didn’t think that this type of mish-mash would actually work but if you ever have 5 all-star-quality wing guys on your team, you’re going to get enough stats to not require any specialists. In this team’s case, a combination of Durant, Wade, Ginobili, Iguodala and Eric Gordon will get easily you to the finals. This team was simply unbeatable when Kevin Love was playing well.
The Howard
10-team 8-cat H2H Auction League
Big ball team #1. Loooove this team. Monster stats in 6 cats every week. I honestly felt like I had already won the season on the actual draft day. The other managers in the auction draft willingly let me play out my big-ball strategy after drafting Howard. Cheers to them.
The Good Life
10-team 8-cat H2H Auction League
view roster
Balance balance balance. I was consistently winning percentages all year until Nash, Williams and Nowitzki suddenly decided that being an accurate shooter was getting really  boring. I was actually steadily winning 8-0 every week. Proof that balance is always the best approach. I do regret dropping Billups (bad FG%) because my opponent is currently using him against me in the finals with a lot of success.  
The Big Balls
10-team 8-cat H2H Auction League
Big ball team #2. Defence!!! An ugly, slow, plodding, uber-boring team that seldom ever win points in a head-to-head matchup. But who cares if you walk away victorious every single round?

One response to “My Fantasy Basketball Finals

    8 Championships in 11 Leagues.

    1. Bella Vista Trending Upwards (Champion)
    2. The Howard (Champion)
    3. Team Mondays (Finalist)
    4. The Good Life (Finalist)
    5. The Big Balls (Champion)
    6. Upper Deck Scoring Kings (Champion)
    7. Eight Cat Cats (Champion)
    8. Team Small Ball (Champion)
    9. Team Huarache (Champion)
    10. Three Pointers (3rd)
    11. Huarache* (Champion)

    * Pick One Challenge Blacktown League.
    All other leagues were ESPN Fantasy leagues.

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