Street Pong

The streetball halfcourt at the park next to my office has been gone for a couple of months now. Don’t know what happened to it, it just disappeared one day. Then… magically overnight an awesome ping pong table of sorts appears in the basketball court’s place. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s definitely a fair swap.

I look forward to trying out this public table that is entirely made of metal. The unforgiving solid net will surely command a change in regular playing style. Being a nerd, I’m especially interested in seeing what effects spin will have on the slippery metal surface and also what amount of bounce we’re talking about here. This is serious stuff so I’ll keep you guys posted and invite you over for a game.


3 responses to “Street Pong

  1. By San Sebastian

    GAME ON!!!!!

  2. Very European-ish. I likey. But surely Street Pong and Street ball can co-exist.

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