Auction Draft

My Steve Nash Graphic

Above: An editorial illustration we did for Handle Mag. It was a Skybox 92 basketball card inspired artwork of Steve Nash.

Yesterday I had my first live draft of the year for fantasy basketball. This one was a 12-team Auction Draft. Auction is my favourite type of fantasy draft because it demands more than the common mindless plucking of the next best player available on the board. There is no sight of autodrafting. It requires more strategy by allowing you the uncommon possibility of purchasing a handful of top-tier players. You need sharper awareness of team depth charts, player values (here in a very literal sense) and player skill sets. It also is a true test of your overall NBA nerdiness. There is plenty of drama, hustling and one-on-one bidding wars. Great fun for the ultimate basketball geek.

During this particular auction I went in early and hard to sure up my dominance in the scarcest categories of assists, FG% and FT%. You will see from my roster below that I was able to assemble a team that would be IMPOSSIBLE to draft in any other format. If you are going to play fantasy basketball this season please choose Auction Draft!

Team Good Life squad:
Steve Nash, PG
Deron Williams, PG
Chauncey Billups, PG
Jameer Nelson, PG
Ray Allen, SG
Anthony Randolph, PFC
Corey Maggette, SF
Dirk Nowitzki, PF
Samuel Dalembert, C
LaMarcus Aldridge, PFC
Channing Frye, PFC
Yao Ming, C
Brendan Haywood C

This is a daily 8-category H2H league. The key factor for my strategy was to obviously ignore turnovers since it is not counted in this league, hence the point-guard-heavy bias. I felt comfortable about opting for a balanced approach and zero punting. My squad looks to be dominant in every cat except for steals (where I should still be above average) and threes (simply because most teams in this league loaded up on 3pt shooting wings). My combination of Frye, Allen, Billups, Nelson, Nash and Williams might be enough for three pointers… maybe.

3 responses to “Auction Draft

  1. Billups, Nash, Frye and Allen. And you’re worried about 3s. huh?

    • Could possibly be a bit short of average in shallow league. It’s not our dynasty league.
      Don’t forget the top swingmen clock heaps of threes like Durant, Bron, Kobe even though its not their strength. And then there’s heaps of Gallo/Peja/Rashard/Miller/Thornton/Gordon types out there before the endless amounts of JJ’s, Budinger’s and Korver’s.

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