Ninja Forever

The Ninja Tune folk are taking us down memory lane (20 years worth) with their latest podcast. So if you missed the boat back then, you now have a chance to catch up on the label’s history and some of the more important releases. They are making a big deal about the anniversay so check it out at There’s even an app available.

It feels like eons ago when my world was all-ninja. During that period I don’t think I cared about anything else at the time… maybe except for people using the term ‘Trip Hop’ (remember that?) which was daggy then and even more embarassing now.

I feel a bit guilty that I’ve stepped away for so long. Sorry Herbaliser. Sorry Cinematic Orchestra. Sorry Amon Tobin. Sorry Vadim, Fink, Porcini, Food, Bonobo, Scruff, Koala, Ty and Rodney Smith. How about starting today I make it a Ninja Tune/Big Dada-only fortnight? I’m going to reminisce and even try some of the new stuff.


3 responses to “Ninja Forever

  1. The good ol’ days!
    Yags, Ninja wise are you feelin the Scandinavian band ‘Jaga Jazzist’?

  2. Yeah awesome tunes to vibe out on a Sunday arvo. The Animal Chin clip heaps good as well.

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