Nate’s 10-11 Season Preview

A lot has changed. Namely, the Lebronocalypse. It feels like a totally new NBA landscape. But out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to move forward and look at the upcoming seasons ‘teams to watch’ list…

My favourite On-Paper Fantasy Team if the Melo trade goes through. Wow!
1. Devin Harris
2. Anthony Morrow
3. Carmelo Anthony* (Travis Outlaw)
4. Troy Murphy
5. Brook Lopez

Run + Gun = Fun. Mini Dell is so awesome.
1. Stephan Curry
2. Monta Ellis
3. Reggie Williams
4. David Lee
5. Andris Biedrens

Maybe swap underused Jason Thompson for a vet like Calderon to steady the backcourt, since I’m happier with Beno as a super sub. Wait… imagine if they can somehow get their hands on… Rubio.
1. Beno Udrih
2. Tyreke Evans
3. Carmelo Anthony* (Omri Casspi)
4. DeMarcus Cousins
5. Samuel Dalembert
Super Subs: Landry, Thompson, Green

Get Melo, then trade Deng for D-Favours, then “OMG”.
1. Derrick Rose
2. Ronnie Brewer
3. Carmelo Anthony* (Luol Deng)
4. Carlos Boozer
5. Joakim Noah** (Taj Gibson)

Simply perfect. Just perfect. Great young team, great front office and great foresight. Still wish they stayed green and yellow and most of all ‘sleepless’.
1. Russell Westbrook
2. James Harden
3. Kevin Durant
4. Jeff Green
5. Serge Ibaka

* Incoming trade – If current speculation becomes fact.
** Trade away – If current speculation becomes fact.
*** I just can’t bring myself to use the name ‘Oklahoma City Thunder’.

And now time for more random hoops goodies…

Li’l Curry is good. Another year playing Nellie-ball.

Condolences to the city of Seattle. Still feel bad for you.

Love it. I guess THIS MOMENT was the turning point.

Above: Yuck!

You actually did it, B-Deem Team.

The Big Shamrock


4 responses to “Nate’s 10-11 Season Preview

  1. Great Post! Absolutely hilarious, thanks for sharing this story it really did brighten my day.

  2. Don’t forget Iverson in China.

  3. Good post, this seasons gonna be interesting. Im lookin foward to Golden State. Wizards are a must watch also.

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