Team USA 2010

Everyone seems optimistic about USA re-redeeming the status as No.1 basketball nation in the world at the upcoming world championships. I am not. There is possibilities of it be a very nice looking team on paper though. If took the place of Colangelo this would be my roster…

C: None
PF: Danny Granger (or outlet king Kevin Love)
SF: Kevin Durant
SG: Stephan Curry
PG: Rajon Rondo

The key to the success of this 4-man roster is speed and extreme run-and-gun scoring power. My choice for the centre position would have been David Lee. If I can’t have him, I want no centre. Run just the 4 guys. That would be my solution.

The other options available for the centre spot were Chandler, McGee and Odom, who are pretty sad big men. Lamar Odom-Kardashian would be intriguing experiment in the middle but because he is a current Laker he will never make it on my team.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m loving these basketball player caricatures. The player featured above is Mr Rondo.

3 responses to “Team USA 2010

  1. C: Andrew Bogut
    PF: Joakim Noah
    SF: Kevin Durant
    SG: Joe Johnson
    PG: Stephen Curry

    • Bogut for USA? Never! Boomer 4 life!
      And JJ is the new Rashard Lewis… Overrated with a gigantic max contract for non-All-Star, especially obvious in 1-2 years time.
      Noah? Fair call. Didn’t see that one coming. Why didn’t he get a call up?

  2. Team USA official nickname is out – “B-Deem Team”. Australia’s best chance to win Worlds this year if they can learn how to play ball in the next few weeks.

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