The GR

The root of my love for the GR family of cameras is the Ricoh GR-21. Beautiful body and beautiful shots. A film camera worth grabbing if you have a grand to spare. Below is a review of the cult cam by Rokkorfan and heaps of pics.

Here is a review of the cult cam by Rokkorfan which pretty much sums it up.

Price Paid: $1100.00 from eBay


This is a truly oustanding camera. The 21mm lens is not only unique in range but also capable of high quality pictures. The strength of the lens is not really about sharpness, which is very good but not great. The lens shines in the colors, which are very deep, saturated. I especially like the darker corners in the pictures. They actually make pictures more dramatic.


Deep and vibrant colors! The darker corners also make pictures more dramatic. Great details in shadow areas.

The camera is an absolute gem. I have used a wide variety of super wide angle lenses and none can produce pictuers as appealing as the GR21. As a result, I sold all my SLR stuff and now only carry the GR21 and Minolta TC-1.

And here are some nice sample pics from Hive Mind

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