Jacket On. Jacket off.

Wrong! It’s “wax on, wax off”. This is my pledge to boycott watching ‘The Karate Kid (2010)‘. They are murdering a classic and I hope all of you who also love the Karate Kid franchise (Parts I and II only), will skip on this bastardisation. I saw the trailer on the TV the other day and wanted to laugh but I couldn’t even do that because it was not worth lauging at. It was just toooo ridiculous.

Why would you make a movie like this without any Karate content. Looks to me like it’s set in China and Junior Smith’s teacher is the Drunken Master of Kung Fu. Last time I checked, Kung Fu wasn’t Karate.

How can you succeed without the legendary Pat Morito? Without Ralph? Without the Cobra Kais? Without the great Miyagi insights? Without a skinny star actor with the coincidental surname of ‘Macchio’? Without a damn good theme song by Peter Cetera? How?


4 responses to “Jacket On. Jacket off.


    I cant wait till i get married, this will be the first dance song.

  2. I like how Hollywood is so lazy and risk averse that they produce remakes and adaptations that turn off the built-in fan base thus making the whole exercise futile.

    So this new Karate Kid appeals to 80s kids who grew up on it, they proceed to strip it of all the elements the kids liked in the first place. A boycott ensues. The only people who might watch it are kids who don’t even know the original source material. Ditto for ‘The Last Airbender’ etc….

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