On heavy rotation at The Good Life

Artist: Moscow Olympics
Album: Cut the World
Year: 2008
Our pick: ‘Safe’ and ‘Cut the World’
Cover Art: 4/5. Smells a little like a sleeve from The Smiths.

Great shoegaze from the Philippines. Yes, I said Philippines! Moscow Olympics stands tall amongst my favourite Filo products, just behind leche flan and adobo.

3 responses to “On heavy rotation at The Good Life

  1. Every since our collision of interests via the Radio Dept. – I’ve taken a liking to your recommendations and these guys are quality, some quality shoegaze! (and the Onra material previously posted – opening up new worlds here)

    • I am surprised that such good music can come from the Fils. No hating, its just that I have never in all my life have I found anything to take my particular liking. Moscow Olympics agree with me at least, and it shows in the manner they present themselves. I tried to find out more about them and their brand image – and guess what? Nothing much. They are very vague and and would rather people perceive them as a international or European-based band so people will listen with ears wide open.

      They are quality, nobody can disagree.

      And yeah, I’m really really diggin’ Onra’s stuff.

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