A Roller Skating Jam Named Fridays?

Tonight in Balmain they are showing the ridiculous movie called “Skatetown, U.S.A.“. The (apparent) 1979 cult classic will air in Gladstone Park at sunset. Should be a laugh.


What happens to stars of bad TV shows like “The Brady Bunch,” “Welcome Back Kotter,” and “Happy Days”? They end up in bad movies like SKATETOWN, U.S.A. This nonsense had the dubious honor of being the first film to cash in on the minor roller-disco fad of the late 1970s and featured such great has-beens as Wilson, Buzzi, Palillo, and a host of talentless actors. The simplistic story has good-guy Bradford taking on bad-guy Swayze in a roller-skating contest. You’ll know Swayze’s the heavy because he wears black leather. This dumb excuse for a feature film is heavily padded out with endless skating, dance, and comedy numbers as well as some really bad rock ‘n’ roll. Watch for an appearance by Dorothy Stratten, the Playboy Playmate whose tragic murder was the basis for STAR ’80 (1983)

A roller-disco cult classic presented by Mu Meson Archives starring Scott Baio & featuring Patrick Swayze in his first feature film. Featuring Jay Katz & Miss Death

Event details at  Mu-Meson


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