On heavy rotation at The Good Life

I am so happy today. The long wait has finally ended. My most favourite band in the whole wide world. This will be on repeat for a while.


4 responses to “On heavy rotation at The Good Life

  1. How good is the album! Well worth the wait. Really enjoying the single ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ and check out ‘You stopped making sense”. These guys never stop delivering.

    • I had a crazy Radio Dept void in my life. The wait was tough. I was searching high and low when I heard whispers of a new release. But then u forget. And then on Tuesday u remember to start searching again.

      Right on, Heaven’s on Fire is a nice progression from what we would usually expect from them. Love it! It’s great to hear some new stuff! And hearing the Skeme sample on Never Follow Suit was awesome. Insight into Radio Dept (as hip hop heads?)

  2. I did notice that Skeme sample, I had to double check I was still listening to the Dept. – the whole album though is brimming with that shoegazey pop dose that we all love.

    Hence these guys need to travel down under – there’s a first time for everything, even finding another person with similar music tastes!

    will you sign my petition?

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