Early Viral

Just revisiting the basic stuff we did to advertise our brand back in 2007. The ‘Work’ section of our website is in the process of being updated. Come Monday it will be up-to-date and online.

The story behind these video clips is pretty incidental. We had rented some animal heads to use for photos on our website and had them in our possession for a whole week. The photographs were shot by friend Amanda Prior the day after we had picked up the props and then left them to sit in the corner of our studio for the rest of the week. When it came time to return them, we had a sudden urge to get some last minute pics of them by shooting them with a crappy Cybershot, which was all we had handy on the day. But then the camera decided to break down. It was on it’s last legs, although it did have this ‘strange but interesting’ purple solarization effect happening. We went with it anyway, shooting some stills and silly videos before returning the items to the shop.

A couple of months later we revisited the footage and used them for the above videos which were put together in the humble iMovie. No After Effects. No nothing. Just some text, our logo, a soundtrack and Youtube.

Around the time we launched our website we emailed the link to a couple of friends and before we knew it, one of the videos had a count of 1000. The traffic is 100% dead now but it is still fun to revisit that project.

The first video borrows (the legendary) Charlie Wilson’s unmistakable voice in the Gap Band’s ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’. For the second one we used Kool & The Gang’s ‘Give It Up’, which is the original sample for Erik B & Rakim’s ‘Don’t Sweat The Technique’. The music didn’t match perfectly but they were the tracks I had to use at that time. Close enough though, if you didn’t initially pick it.


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