Favourite Lookbook

I am currently working on a lookbook for a fashion label and have been looking through my catalogue of inspirations. They always seem to be of the expected nature these days. The Terry Richardson style white backdrop with hard flash is definitely top of the list. A close second are shoot sets utilising old wooden cottage house interiors with mounted animal heads. The rest would include the forest/field shoots, the grungy alleyway or the nightclub/bar/house party.

Being able to count these lookbook themes on one hand, you would think it is actually more difficult to not come up with an original idea. Featured here in this post is one that that actually stands out from the rest. It is my absolute favourite lookbook from last year, for the label Band of Outsiders. It features actor Jason Schwartzman (of Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited) with his dry and creepy humour, adventuring through what appears to be Chinatown. It is completely shot on polaroid and captures the soul of the collection and the brand, while presenting it in a novel, light, fun and soulful fashion. Schwartzman is by no means your prototypical model but it simply works!

The entire shoot after the jump… Enjoy…


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