Nate’s iWacom

World-changing news! Not really. The Apple iPad is nothing really new, exciting or mind-blowing for me right now. It simply fills the void in the Apple lineup with a pretty netbook-like product.

Let’s be completely honest though… I admit that the iPad still has a 90% chance of being added to my collection of ‘work toys’ when it gets closer to release date. Not because I currently do not own a netbook. Not because it will be a fun and super sexy gadget. Not because it will be extremely affordable. Not because I already am under Apple’s thumb as a consumer. It will be because of its great potential to be an outstanding tool. This potential all lies in the software that will be on offer.

I’m dreaming of programs that will be cutting edge. An idea I have is a Wacom tablet style function where the user can draw vectors, deep-etch and brush in effects with their fingers. Now that would be awesome. For this to happen there is lots to be done. The aforementioned program has to be written and developed by someone first. The iPad must then be able to be paired with a desktop setup so that it can be used almost like a peripheral. It would be a bonus if you could also continually switch the selected workspace between the desktop display and the iPad. Or maybe even be displayed on both at the same time.

Here’s another one. Imagine if it had more USB ports. I’m dreaming that it could be used as a USB hub on steroids. The iPad could do crazy things like piggy-back all the power intensive peripherals like printers and scanners, whilst simultaneously displaying the corresponding peripheral control panels for each.

Novel functionality like such would get the swing vote. Not only for me, but also anyone needing more promise that it is the innovative gadget that it claims to be.

Besides owning cool gadgets, it is our job here at The Good Life™ is to come up with creative solutions, so we invite Apple to trade an iPad in exchange for our concepts. Otherwise I’m not quite sold on the iMeh.

3 responses to “Nate’s iWacom

  1. There is a thing liek the Ipad and wacom combined. I will have to find the name for you and send it to you.

  2. It is called a Modbook

    Here is a link:

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