Do you want a Team Good Life jersey?

We are currently calling out for parties interested in supporting our ‘Hoops’ project. Production is finally underway for our basketball jerseys and  is scheduled to be on the street by March (barring any setbacks). They will be part of a limited one-off run so we will bump up the numbers if there is any additional interest. Retailers or individuals all welcome. Hit us up here, on email or give us a call.

More about the project will be revealed here on the blog in the coming weeks.

At this point we cannot leak any visuals, so as part of this post I am instead featuring the retro-styled campaign for the Cleveland Cavaliers 08-09 throwback jersey…


8 responses to “Do you want a Team Good Life jersey?

  1. I want one….. NO. 3 Please!

  2. Sign me up!

  3. GoodLife fo’ ummm…. life
    Me three

    • This project got held back because the retailer went bust so we have to go back to the drawing board and see how we can roll out this production. The original numbers we were going to produce would have made it more friendly on the wallet for consumers. Keep u all posted tho.

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