Basketball Card Business Cards


The Good Life created these business cards for sports uniform manufacturer Bigtyme Sportswear. We felt like the concept was a good fit for the client, being the perfect medium to showcase the product samples, novel collateral idea which would help with generating awareness for a reasonably unknown brand, deliver the basketball culture message, have a strong emotional effect on the target consumer and most of all, be a physical metaphor for ‘custom’ and ‘genuine’ (2 key product ideals). Being a basketball head and avid card collector in the past, this was a design concept that we felt strongly about and couldn’t wait to get off our chest. It’s done now and we feel good about it.

The concept of a business card mimicking a basketball card creates a sense of value that an ordinary contact card never possesses. Don’t bend or fray the edges!!! It almost becomes a collector card of sorts and probably be a favourite business card, possibly claiming permanent real estate in the owner’s wallet. It also can be a talking piece in casual conversation, occasionally pulled out for show-and-tell, and therefore creates a second life or second exposure for the collateral piece (which is a tactic we feel strongly about). The novelty of coarse also helps the brand to be memorable.

A lot of care was taken to recreate all of the nuances of a collector card. From the design aspects and photographic treatments through to the print finishes. The card series that we referenced were Fleer 91-92 (back design), Upper Deck 93-94 and Skybox Premium 92-93. Retro heaven!






One response to “Basketball Card Business Cards

  1. Sick! Skybox was always my fave. I once used 90-91 Topps for a personal business card.

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