A Fantastic Movie


A feast for the eyes! ‘Fantastic’ is the only word to describe this film. Or alternatively, simply beautiful. The Fall is a refreshing surprise. I liken it to first class travel around the world in an armchair. The epic landscapes are surreal, cinematography superb, styling decadent, details exquisite and compositions nothing but perfect (All evident after the jump). You could remove a still from anywhere in the film timeline and it would seriously be a perfect picture. Apparently there was heavy influence from Salvator Dali’s work, which is quite obvious in the film poster artwork.

This is all before we get into the film’s backbone. The other more notable strengths are the complex themes and strong performances. It’s no wonder why Spike Jonze added his name to the credits. An unheralded masterpiece, The Fall is a must ‘see’.






Check out the long list of the the sublime filming locations here. Mind-blowing.


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