Music Balloon


Via Alley have the coolest speakers in stock at the moment (amongst other items on our wish list). The speakers are known as the Music Balloon. Apologies to the model and the iPod for the pixelation. Her teeth were just too crazy and we cannot ever, under any circumstances, endorse Britney.

Via Alley have two spots in Sydney. Visit them at 258a Crown Street Surry Hills or at Shop RG26A in The Galeries Victoria.


2 responses to “Music Balloon

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  2. That’s a funny but really useful post. This portable speaker is already on my wish list. I was not able to find the shop where to buy it. Thanks a lot for the info, I will visit the shop very soon and buy these cool looking and colorful portable IPhone Speakers. They are smaller than the size of your palm that’s really amazing; I can just put them out of my pocket or put it on my desk and start sharing music with my friends and colleagues. That’s really a good addition to my wish list.

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