The Life Aquatic


This is an ode to one of our all-time favourite films. Ever! We love The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Love the Adidas Zissou’s. Love the uniforms. Love the styling. Love the red beanies and thigh holsters. Love the stitched-in ‘Z’ on their sweaters. Love the claymations. Love Bill Murray. Love Cate. Love Wes. Love Klaus the German. Love the Filipino pirates. Love Seu Jorge. Love the Bowie songs in Portugese. Love the soundtrack. Love that Devo track. Love the the dissected set build of the Belafonte. Love the panning choreographed shots. Love The Life Aquatic encyclopaedia set. Love the oil-painted portraits. Love the correspondence stationary. Love the fine details such as the Team Zissou ring. But most of all, love the dry humour, strange characters, bizarre situations, witty dialogue and almost everything in/about the film.

If you have never seen The Life Aquatic, please add it to your to-do list. For us.


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