The voice of a generation

Copycat Kanye does strikes again. I guess he can’t get enough of The Good Life. He has taken inspiration from our By San Sebastian website for the videoclip of his new single titled ‘Paranoid’. Maybe now we can officially consider ourselves the voice of a generation as well.
Click here for our original post back in February.



And this was his bite on our name back in 2007 for his ‘Good Life’ track. How Annoying can this guy get? And T-Pain? Probably more annoying, if that’s even possible!


Here is a link to the Paranoid videoclip if you really wish to see it. We could not bring ourselves to post the actual clip on our blog. We wouldn’t want to inflict that kind of agony on our readers’ ears.


2 responses to “The voice of a generation

  1. hahahah i knew y’all be cut kanye bit you again!!!!

  2. Kanye deserves to be mocked for being a biter

    A fish sticks biter apparently

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