Gucci Cadillac

Our friend Chris took us for a cruise in his beloved Cadillac Seville on Sunday after yum cha. It was a sweet ride decked out in Gucci trimmings and decals. Tres cool.
Lots of pics after the jump…











Unfortunately it was to be our first and last adventure since, according to a source from Channel Ten, it “caught fire and burnt to a crisp at Rushcutters Bay” on Sunday afternoon. Such sad news.


4 responses to “Gucci Cadillac

  1. Damm!

    Can’t believe i missed out on a cruise, should of hanged out for a little longer.

  2. if that’s true that’s ridonculous. haters

  3. hey ,i’m very interested in this car is this car for sale and if so i would like to buy it. Please email me at with info thanks so much

    • Sorry dude. I think it is now ashes in the wind. The Cadillac burnt down when the engine blew up. The brigade came way too late to save it, although no lives were taken. It is all history.

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