On heavy rotation at The Good Life

Artist: Mayer Hawthorne and The County
Year: 2008 
Our pick: Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out
Cover Art: 5/5 for the red heart-shaped 45

A refreshing and unbelievably authentic motown sound from the recently discovered Mayer Hawthorne of Detroit. The track was written, played, recorded and sung single-handedly by Mayer. His knowledge and respect of motown music is evident in the fine details of the arrangement and vocal, with the end result feeling like a collab between Curtis Mayfield and J Dilla. He has recently signed with Stones Throw Records, which is a true case of ’nuff said’ for a newb to be represented by none other than Peanut Butter Wolf!! 


Go to the Stones Throw website and grab it now!


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