Handle editorial artwork ~ Part 1

The Good Life was invited to be guest designers for Handle Magazine‘s “The 30 most important players of the last 30 years” feature. The November-December issue is out now. Pop into your nearest newsagent and grab Australia’s premier basketball publication.

More pieces over the coming days. It was a mammoth editorial piece with one page to each player profile.

In our first installment we present to you: Kobe Bryant and “Vanity”. Tune into the soap opera on Channel Black Mumba, right after Gossip Girl and the The Hills. Our Wacom tablet definitely got a workout with this piece!!


Before & after examples in comment section… 


2 responses to “Handle editorial artwork ~ Part 1

  1. wacom tablet? is that a complete airbrush painting

  2. Over-retouching. We wanted to achieve the same effect they use on cosmetic adverts. So we removed all blemishes and excess hair, sharpened the cheekbones and arms, smoothed out all the skin and whitened the teeth and eyes.

    Have a look…

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