Welcome to TNGL. Newer and shinier.

TNGL [tee-en-jee-el]
1. Acronym for “The New Good Life”, which is the second coming** of the world-famous blog brought to you by the guys at The Good Life Creative.
**Version 2.0
[tang-guhl] To bring together into a mass of confusedly interlaced or intertwisted threads, strands, or other like parts.

We have decided to go with a format which allowed us to post on the fly. So you can expect us to be blogging with greater frequency than we have in the past with our iPhones at the ready. If all goes according to plan it will be just like NY Post: 24 Hours a Day!

Thank you to all who have stayed tuned in. Thanks for supporting The Good Life and all our endeavours.

If you ever want to visit the old blog (now known as ‘TOGL’) for ancient news click here.


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